Danang Hotels Are Ready For Fireworks Festival 2015

Danang Fireworks Hotels Da Nang Fireworks 2015 will be held with the participation of five teams from 5 continents.

Han River Port is locations firework performance. Audience stands are located at Tran Hung Dao pavement, opposite the fireworks displaying area. Bach Dang Tran Hung Dao Street,  Han River bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge, some boats allowed to operate on the river are  the points to view fireworks for the local residents and visitors.

In addition to the main activities of fireworks festival, culture and sports activities will held before, during and after the competition, in order to attract local people and tourists.

With an estimation of 500,000 visitors staying in the city during this event, Danang accommodation services need to do their good jobs to cater the travelers.

With many years of experience from previous fireworks events, the Da Nang hotels always satisfy all tourists arriving in the city.

Accommodations for DIFC 2015

If you are planning your trip for Da Nang Fireworks Festival 2015, early hotel booking is strongly recommended. Book now to get the best discounts below: