Danang Fireworks DIFC 2013 themed “Love for Han River”

Fireworks on Han RiverIt’s said that Da Nang city is the Cannes of fireworks festivals. For two nights each year, the sky over the Han River becomes the canvas of world-class pyrotechnicians and designers, who come from all over the world to compete with each other for the attentions of the gathered spectators. Due to the extremely strong competition, you can be confident of witnessing state-of-the-art pyro-musical displays, each one presented by a different national team, ranging from the UK to South Korea. Each team has twenty minutes to convince the jury and the crowd of being the world’s leading fireworks promotion team. After five times of successful organizations, Danang International Firework Competition 2013 (DIFC) will be held on two nights of 29th and 30th of April, 2013. The theme of DIFC 2013 is “Love for Han River”.

 DIFC 2013 has the participations of 5 teams: team Russia (Khan Fireworks Center), team Italy (Parente Co.), team Japan (Marutamaya Co.), team USA (Melrose Pyrotechnics Co.) and team Danang –Vietnam. The location for the competition will still be Han River Port of Danang, with the main stand onTran Hung Dao Street, opposite the main stage. Some popular watching spots of the locals and tourists are: Bach Dang street, Tran Hung Dao street, Han River bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge, and boats on the river.

Besides DIFC 2013, there are many tourism, culture and sports events before, during and after the fireworks competition to catch the attention of tourists and locals. Therefore, at that time, Danang will be full of both domestic and foreign tourists. You are advised to book in advance if you would like to travel to Da Nang city on this occasion.

Accommodations for DIFC 2015

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