Team Russia DIFC 2013 – Centre of Fireworks ‘Khan’

Team Russia DIFC 2013The Centre of Fireworks “Khan” has been successfully working in the Russian pyrotechnic market since 1993. In 2005 the team performed the pyromusical programm “Kalinka” at the International Festival of Fireworks in Croatia, and then in the Open Championship of Fireworks in Ustka, Poland, where they received the highest award – “The Award of Publicity”.

Today the Centre of Fireworks “Khan” is the leading Russian pyrotechnic company and it represents Russia in international fireworks display competitions. The most important difference between Centre of Fireworks “Khan” and other Russian companies is that “Khan” is the only fireworks company in Russia to use the most modern equipment (“Pyrodigit”) to perform huge musical fireworks shows and special effects inside buildings.

International competition awards and major achievements:

  • 2006 5th International Contest-Festival “Sztucznych Ogni”, Poland: 2nd Prize
  • 2005 Open Championship of Fireworks in Ustka: Award of Publicity
  • 2005 International Festival of Fireworks in Samobor, Croatia: 1st prize
  • 2005 International Festival “Fire – Colour – Fantasy”, Germany: 2nd Prize and the Award of Publicity
  • 2003 All-Russia Festival of Fireworks in Moscow: 1st prize in the category “Virtuoso Skills”

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