Team USA for DIFC 2013– Melrose Pyrotechnics

Team USA for DIFC 2013Melrose Pyrotechnics-USA is where technology meets tradition.  They deliver an unparalleled brand of passion plus talent, powered by the best and the brightest in fireworks techniques.  For pyromusical events, they couple the musical production expertise of extraordinary artists with the precision choreography of technical virtuosos, lighting up the skies, sports arenas, and imaginations.

Its fireworks tradition dates back to the 1960s in Melrose Park, Illinois, when the father of Mike Cartolano, the present head of the company, collaborated with the Chicago White Sox in the development of the exploding scoreboard.  Under Mike’s leadership, since the early 1980s, Melrose Pyrotechnics was among the first adopters of the new technology for firing shells electronically.  Precision control of every aspect of the fireworks show opened new doors for both Melrose Pyrotechnics and the global pyromusical production industry.

International competition awards and major achievements:

  • 2011  Hanabi World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan: 2nd prize
  • 2010  Hanabi World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan: Champions
  • 2009  L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, Montreal, Canada: 3rd prize
  • 2007  Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival, China: Champions
  • 2006  L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, Montreal, Canada: Champions

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